Who is PT. Pratama Putra Satria ?

PT. PRATAMA PUTRA SATRIA was founded in Bekasi, Indonesia in 2014. We started as a seller of uniforms and merchandise for brands and companies. In 2015 our first brand Lolini was launched followed by our second brand Mathew J. in 2016.

We are a one-stop shop for woven clothing production, specializing in men's and women's casual wear, formal wear, uniforms, souvenirs and technical wear with a total capacity to produce and export 50 million pieces per year.


To become a company engaged in several business fields and on an international scale by producing a variety of quality products for domestic and foreign markets.


1. Be the market leader for the products produced
2. produce goods with prime quality and affordable prices in the present and in the future
3. Has several well-known brands with national and international consumer coverage
4. Become a source of livelihood for workers and work partners that continuously generate positive growth in performance and product quality produced
5. Be a role model in sound, competitive and integrated business ethics



: Pratama Putra Satria


: Jl. Raya Hankam 32 Jatiwarna,


Pondok Melati Bekasi 17415,INDONESIA


: Veronika Kristiani Setiaji


: +62 815-8643-0473 / +62 816-1154-381


: @pratama_gimmick_bags_unifom


: @lolini_official